Simple Patches

Simple patches make common actions in Form easier and more intuitive. Only the most relevant inputs and outputs on the patch are exposed. All simple patches are group patches and can be entered and customized.

For the whole list of Simple Patches, visit the Patch Library in Form.

Simple View and Simple Text

The Simple View and Simple Text patches combine easy layout with versatility. Both patches default to the center of the device or parent view, and provide easy controls for alignment. In the Simple View you can easily switch between image and color. With Simple Text you can easily wrap your text inputs.

Simple Image Fill and Simple Image Fit

The Simple Image Fill and Simple Image Fit help you to scale an image within a parent view while respecting the aspect ratio of the image. The Simple Image Fit adds whitespace in the parent view as needed to ensure the whole image is visible, while the Simple Image Fill masks the image to the size of the parent view.

Simple Pinch Toggle and Simple Pan Toggle

The simple versions of the Pinch Toggle and Pan Toggle create a automatic smooth animation to the appropriate position by applying a spring only when you are no longer interacting with the related view.

Simple Take Picture

The Simple Take Picture patch allows you to grab the device’s camera as an image so that you can take a picture.