It's important to keep your document clean and organized so that others can figure out how your prototype works.

Naming Patches

Double-click on the title of each patch to give it a custom name. If you choose to give a patch a custom name, the original patch title will be shown below.


You can create a group of patches by selecting them and pressing ⌘-G, or by clicking the Group button in the toolbar. Groups are extremely useful for reusing certainly parts of your composition in multiple places.

Publishing Inputs and Outputs

You can publish inputs and outputs inside group or view patches. To publish an input or output, Option-click on it. Double-click the published input's or output's name to rename it.

Adding Patches to Library

A custom patch or a certain selection of patches can be added to your user patch library for reuse. This is helpful to build a set of common use-case blocks (e.g. Layout Center) so you can prototype quickly.