The learning center teaches beginners the important elements of Form. After reviewing the content and completing the challenges, you will have the background to create native prototypes.

Getting Form

To get started, download Form from the Mac App Store and the Form Viewer from the iOS App Store.

Get Form Get Viewer

Native Prototypes

Connect your device via the Device Browser menu. It is accessible with the button on the far left of the document toolbar. The device and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network.


Patches are the building blocks of Form. You can use them to enable interaction, perform operations, or draw to the device screen. View all the patches in the Patch Library. You can use ⌘-Enter to bring up the Insert Patch Quickly window.

Operator Patches

Operator patches include Math, Logic, and Conditional. You can change the operator on the patch by clicking on it and selecting a new option from the drop down. The Math patch is used to apply simple math operations to data in Form. The Logic and Conditional patches compare two or more input values and output a boolean (YES or NO.)

Input Values

Patches’ inputs can be edited on the sidebar or on the document. In addition to this, values can come from other patches via connections. Data generally flows from left to right.